Who Can Take Part?

We cater for novices and experienced shots, old, young, able, disabled and even the girls are now regular visitors, many of whom who give the guys a run for their money. All are welcome and the main limiting factor is that you must have the physical strength and ability to hold a gun in the correct position.

Often the 14 year old will outperform the 40 year old and just as often realises that the real experience is much more exciting than that boring old computer game. We teach safety and respect above all else and we are proud to say that our young members are all examples of level headedness to their peers.

A perfect venue for: Corporate days, Fundraisers, Team Building, Entertaining Clients, Reward Days, Birthdays, Your first shooting lesson or a relaxing day out with friends and family.

We are open to non members and guests to come and enjoy the day.